Friday, December 2, 2011

That Best Friend.

There is always this 'best friend' that is lurking around somewhere when you are dating someone. When you see those two together something inside you (combined with the green eyed monster) tells you that they are better suited than you and him/her. They know them better than you can ever and probably spend even more time together. Then you ask yourself months later when you have parted ways and now they are together, "Why were we even together in the first place ?"

The answer is simple. It's because they never wanted to accept that they fell for each other or feared losing the friendship if they started dating. Their denial becomes your fate and you end with the wrong person. So, is it that in this whole process you were the one who ended up being hurt the most ? You feel angry and completely cheated. It's OKAY.

Because yes somewhere you were the one who was cheated. Not that you should start playing victim in this case but it's probably okay to feel hurt, jealous and angry but the question is till when ? Time is indeed the best healer. It's okay to stalk their new pictures together 20 times a day on Facebook and see how happy they are together but only if every time you promise yourself that this was for the best and YES, you do deserve better. Move on and I am sure you will find the one for you very soon :)

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